60/40 Split Cane Bamboo Fly Rods

My approach to rod making is simple. I strive to make the best rods that I can, every rod, every time. Period. Rods that are of superior design, superb in craftsmanship and timeless in aesthetic. All of my work comes with a three day inspection and a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship for the original owner.

60/40 Split Cane Proprietary Hollow Built Tapers

The .40 Series 4# Medium/Fast


A progressive hollow built taper on the  medium/fast side. Designed for lighter presentations on the water surface and modest nymphing systems.

The .45 Series 4/5# Fast


The .45 Series 4/5# 2/2 Available in 7'6" / 7’9” . A progressive hollow built taper well into a fast action delivery system. Designed for all around fishing situations in the 4/5# range. 

The .50 Series #5 Medium/Fast


The .50 Series 5# 2/2 Available in 8’ / 8’3”

A progressive medium/fast hollow built taper. Designed for lighter presentations on the surface and modest nymphing systems.


The 6# Species Model

Available in 8’/8’3”

A hollow built proprietary taper with a med/fast progressive action. Designed to deliver streamers and nymph rigs to larger quarry.

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3 day inspection period. Lifetime craftsmanship warranty for original owner.

Personalized Options


Rattan Grip with Silk Thread Inlay



Agate Stripping Guide


The more input you have on the rod, the farther we get from my work.


Words from the water



I couldn't be more pleased with my 60/40/Split/Cane fly rod. I have found it to be both tastefully and skillfully done. The fit and finish is executed to exacting standards, no distractions anywhere.

It is a pleasure to own such thoughtful work. 

Wishing you the best,

Thomas J. 


Hi John, 

  Well, I finally took receipt of my rod. I went down to the  central Post Office this morning (Saturday) and managed to get the lady to search for it.
 First impressions - it arrived packed perfectly and I dont believe that customs had even opened it. You had made a build that exceeded my expectations. Congratulations.
 As it happened, I was attending a casting school today for salt water fly fishing run by the Sage and Redington importers. I let the instructor have a peep, he was most impressed and jealous as his ambition is to own a cane rod.
I think the choice of wrappings , the handle and reel seat are perfect.
John - its beautiful. perhaps even faster than I expected and I know I am going to have many enjoyable hours fishing with it. In fact, I havnt taken it apart as I am enjoying going outside and having a few casts.

Owen P. 40 Series 7’9”

Tauranga, NZ


Thank you for building such a quality rod. Your finish work is expertly executed, with the highest degree of subtle artistry. You are maintaining the highest standards of a “lost art” and are surely one of the next generation of rod builders destined to become a master. I highly recommend all interested anglers take a close look at your new .45 taper. Superb!

 Mark K. 


I had a chance to fish the rod last night- superb action. It tossed bass bugs and streamers with power to spare. I think all in all it is a very impressive bit of craftsmanship- great fit, finish etc. and I'm really excited to be using it.
Rick (Proto 6)